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Vinyasa Yoga op het Strand

Deze yoga lessen zijn voor iedereen.Er is voldoende uitdaging voor ervaren yogi's, en voldoende aandacht voor de beginners. 

De lessen beginnen met zonnegroeten en eindigen met ontspanning.Daartussen ligt een wereld aan mogelijkheden!

De lessen zijn in Het Komaatje; een hele fijne plek, een houten yoga huisje met openslaande deuren naar de zee, naast Het Puntje, op het Noorderstrand.

Zondagochtend 3, 17 en 24 juni, en 1 juli 

Van 9:30 tot 11:00 uur

De lessen zijn 15 euro per keer, of 50 euro voor alle 4 de lessen.

Aanmelden kan via een antwoord op deze mail, of via WhatsApp 0624674824

Of geef je op voor de 'Yoga bij Puntje' groep op WhatsApp,Die is voor de zondag en evt andere spontane strand lessen.

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Een half uurtje fietsen vanaf de studio

Google Pilar Studio naar Het Puntje

Waar: Het Puntje op het Noorderstrand.De allerlaatste strandtent, met een mooi stuk fietsen door de duinen als je net voor de gevangenis rechts het fietspad neemt.









De opbouw van deze lessen is min of meer opwarmende stretches gevolgd door zonnegroeten, staande houdingen, zittende en omgekeerde houdingen. Met veel aandacht voor de adem en bewustzijn.








TIJD 19:00 - 20:30, PRIJS 20 EURO



TIJD 10:00 - 11:30, PRIJS 20 EURO


Morgen is er een nieuwe maan in het teken Vissen. Nog een paar dagen het thema van loslaten ... Zo makkelijk gezegd, doe het maar eens. Niet langer de bekende dingen doen, verandering, minder zekerheid richting het onbekende. En dan :))

Ruimte, licht, vrijheid wanneer we op dinsdag 20 maart een astrologisch nieuw jaar ingaan! Een nieuwe identiteit !!

Creëer een dagelijks bewust momentje voor moed, en lef. In het Hebreeuws LEV = HART

Vanuit liefde en lef !!

Zijn wie je bent !!



Shalom Autumn 🍁  
A beautiful time for warming the heart and the body :)
In class and in workshops too


Friday 1 Dec 19:00-21:00 - Yoga & Prana

So on this evening I'll be explaining a lot of the basics about working with Prana. The life force according to the Yin, Ashtanga and Tantric traditions.
We connect with it through sensitivity. This has to be established within the body, the mind, and the direct environment.The food that we eat, people we hang out with, stuff that we read, etc. all affect our level of strength greatly.
Sensitivity does not mean weak, it means becoming stronger; physically and mentally. Creating emotional stability on the way :)


Friday 8 Dec 18:30-20:00 - Moon Sequence

Practicing the intuitive moon sequence (gentle vinyasa), guided by the energy of the moon, with about an hour of yoga postures, followed by relaxation and meditation.
This is a beautiful evening with Isabel and a time for you to connect with a guiding intuitive moon force :)


Sunday 10 Dec 10:00-12:00 - Sun Salutations & Prana & Heat

A morning to create inner heat (tapas), explore the effects of purification through heat and discernment in asana and in meditation.
Experience the importance of your focus and ability to concentrate, the powerful force of the higher mind.


Friday 15 & Sunday 17 Dec - Yoga, Prana, Meditation

to be announced :)

I highly recommend all of the above ;))

if you have any questions please let me knowlooking forward to seeing you

With warm love, Joyce

More info about all this on the website  Pilar - Workshops

If you want share this message, and/or connect on FB  Joyce van Ling - Pilar Studio

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Yin Yoga - Tantric Yoga - Ashtanga Yoga

What is it, and why practice it.....


We are gonna find out this week, and in the following weeks. In class, workshops, and through insights and vid's per mail.

All in a way that connects the physical practice with meditation and with the intellect. Why is your focus so important.


Mail or WhatsApp (06-24674824)
if you're interested :-)

Whether you are a long time practitioner or new. Whether you prefer asana or meditation. Whether you consider yourself young or old, male or female ;)) Just come. You're invited to have personal experiences of these teachings, to share and ask the questions you may have. Know that this is not some nice or interesting theory, but a real and powerful force.


Why powerful and what force?

Alright, imagine yourself with a distracted mind (...). Got it? Now how do you feel? Imagine yourself sad or frustrated (...). How do you feel? Weak...?

Now imagine your mind focused on one thing right in front of you, sharp like a laser beam (...). How do you feel? Imagine yourself shining with joy (...). Got it? How do you feel? Strong...?


We are dealing here with PRANA, energy, matter, electrical currents, magnetic forces. Not as some concept, but as a daily reality, and as tools to EVOLVE BIG TIME !!!!!!!!!

The next few weeks provide a tremendous boost and opportunity for growth, with ease ...., provided we do not resist the forces at work, but rather to flow with them, and to learn to step into them in an empowered way.


Are you ready...??!!

Looking so much forward to seeing you....

With love, Joyce


PS. share this if you feel that someone could be interested


connect in FB if you like

Joyce van Ling (Pilar Studio)



Here we go, it's Friday night, and am ready for my yoga trip to the Himalayan Mountains in India 

Why, what, where...?

Heart Pilgrim with Swami Kashi
Bhagavad Gita - a view in our times - Swami Kashi
When: 30 Sept - 31 Oct, 2017

All classes continue as usual, see the schedule attached, or see it in the studio, with the same beautiful teachers: Tiny, Isabel, Ksenya, Circe and Regina. Such an amazing group of gifted teachers, thank you !!

Time for practical stuff ...

To register/cancel: WhatsApp Tiny or Isabel 

If you're not sure if there's a class please check with them, as they might not have your phone number to inform you.

I won't have connection for most of this trip, but will definitely try to share some stories/photos when I do.

Looking forward already to seeing you again in November <3

Much love Joyce



This summer is a new beginning for many of us,a process, one that continues into the coming years,recognising more and more those on the same path,sharing our experiences,as we grow together....!!

Someone who has inspired me since many years is Kaypacha. Here is his Pele Report for this week. His love for Nature is boundless :-)
Kaypacha - Pele Report

He mentions a movie by Michael Moore, just watched the trailer...., this guy is so funny....!! Not to mention a wonderful being and great source of inspiration and education new style ;-)
Michael Moore Movie

Then, how it can be.....one with the Elements, through music. Ludovico Einaudi....beyond words
Ludovico Einaudi - Elements

One step further in our evolution, or many steps, depending where you are ;-)) An ancient "new" way of living on prana, the source of all life, this short movie gives a glimpse of a transition that is already taking place, showing at the same time what it means to be one family. I don't know about you, for me, it brings this big smile and my heart feels warm, and I feel thankful for being alive in this time, as we are doing this together
The Light Generation

If the changes, or the resistance to change has been unbalancing, or uncomfortable in any way, know that there's many who are here to guide us for a while, one of these souls is Miroslav, someone for whom I have a deep appreciation

The studio is open all summer,we -all teachers- look forward to seeing you

So much love,


PS. thank you, with all my heart, because it's you who make this studio and this community possible, thank you so much 



Wanna join the 21 day challenge for core strength and hip flexibility...?

Then join the classes and workshops from Monday the 8th until Sunday the 28th of May 2017. 

There are 2 dynamic workshops on Sundaymorning 14 & 28 May in which we will dive right into the deeper aspects of strength and flexibility.

Included are mula & uddiyana bandha, ujjayi breathing, belly massage, hip openers, and core strength exercises.

With hands on adjustments and plenty of space to ask all your questions, like things that haven't been quite clear in class, or what you individually can do to work on something specific.

The workshops are interactive, insightful, with knowledge and exercises, some hard work (each according to their needs and capacity), and a possibility of physical and emotional release of some of the obstacles present in this moment.

Time: 10:00-11:30 Price: 25 euro

To register email info@pilarstudio.nl or Whatsapp 06-24674824.

Looking forward to seeing you,


PS. don't forget the Moon Sequence Evenings with Isabel on 19 May and 6 June :-)


NEW YORK CITY, een super mooie stad.

Waar de mensen het snelst oud worden van alle grote steden in de wereld. Oorzaak stress. Nergens staat het zenuwstelsel zo onder druk. Super blij in NL te wonen, en niet alleen om deze reden ;-)

Wat had ik te zoeken in deze wereldstad....MEDITATIE
De meditatie leraar Thom Knoles was een week in New York voor een introductie cursus waarbij je een persoonlijk mantra ontvangt en leert hoe iedere dag 2x 20 min met dit mantra te zitten.

"The best meditation is when you forget you're meditating" was z'n geliefde antwoord op onze vele vragen.

"If you forget the mantra while meditating...great!! You're not supposed to remember anything..."
Ik heb veel geleerd en zal dat vanaf maart doorgeven in een aantal workshops. Natuurlijk komt het eea ook in de lessen aan bod :-)


ZONDAG 5 MAART - SUN SALUTATION - 10:00-11:30 uur - 20 euro - Joyce

SUNDAY 19 MARCH - MOON SEQUENCE - 14:00-16:00 UUR - 25 euro - Isabel

Zie voor meer info Workshops

Als je mee wilt doen of vragen hebt app dan naar 0624674824, of mail info@pilarstudio.nl

Super veel liefs,




This last week I've been inspired by the album A Head Full of Dreams by ColdPlay. It's filled with promise of a beautiful life, with powerfully colourful dreams. Like storytelling, a forgotten art, it inspires our hearts.

Stories play an important part in awakening our hearts.

Just like dreams, visions and ideas have a way of setting creation into motion. Stories, especially when shared by a considerable group of people become the blueprint of life.

We get to write our own stories.... How amazing is this...!!

The more awake and alive, the stronger and more creative our design. Yoga being one of many tools for awakening.

Turn Your Magic On (smiling).


This Friday night this means breathing new light and new colours into our memories. Past hurt or present day pain doesn't have to remain heavy. We can open it up and become alive again. You will be guided on a journey in your inner world, which can be just as beautiful as you want it to be...(smiling).

Friday 3 Feb - Yin & Yoga Nidra - 19:00-21:00 - Become Alive Again

Another inspiration is a movie now playing at the IFFR 'Another Planet' by Amir Yatziv. A colourful animation of Auschwitz. Showing how 3rd generation people breathe new light and colours into a memory that will be part of all of us forever. Yet with the lightness you can feel the healing and integration that has taken place.


Join the Yoga & Pilates classes......!!

With so much LOVE,



This 2017 feels like an exciting year.
The energies are supporting and strong,
When in times of challenge see the bigger picture, breathe, and
do your practice :))

on 22/1, 12/2 and 19/3

on 10/2

on 3/2

on 5/3

YOGA KIDS by Leonardo
back soon!!

For more info continue reading or check the website www.pilarstudio.nl

Isabel is teaching the Moon Sequence. Chandra Krama is intended for practice on the moon days or on days when you have less energy than usual. It is a gentle and restorative vinyasa system, yet strengthening and flowing. It increases awareness of your outer and inner body, can be modified around many injuries, menstruation and pregnancy, and is accessible for any age and ability.

On the following three Sundays:

22 January - Introduction & Beginners Moon Sequence
12 February - Full Standard Moon Sequence
19 March - New Moon Sequence & Metta Bhavana Meditation

Time: 14:00-16:00

Price: 55 Euros for all three sessions, 25 for one session

On Friday evening 10 Feb for the first time (!!) Yvette Elemans is sharing her knowledge on the ancient wisdom of Numerology.

This tradition can give you insight into your life mission, passions/talents, and the specific areas of your life that are relevant this year.
I've taken this workshop a few years back, and work with it still to this day. On this evening Yvette will give you the tools to do these calculations yourself, so that afterwards you could do them for family and friends as well.

Each of us will receive these insights personally. And of course you can bring your partner, family member or friends as well.

Time: 19:00-21:30/22:00

Price: 30 euro

On Friday evening 3 Feb Joyce is teaching a Yin & Yoga Nidra practice,
a way for you to release,
through these practices you become more relaxed even amidst a storm,
you reconnect with a strength perhaps forgotten you had.
This is a time to remember your strength, and to step into the intelligence that you are.

Time: 19:00-21:00

Price: 25 euro

On Sunday morning 19 Feb you can come to join/get back to your Sun Salutation series.
As it's been a while for some of us, we'll start with Surya Namaskar A + B, and see where we take it from there :))

It's a time to play and discover, to learn how to move freely with ease :))

Time: 10:00-11:30/12:00

Price: 20 euro

On Friday afternoon's Leonardo is teaching Yoga for Kids

This is a wonderful chance for kids to explore their inner world through their imagination, their breath, and how their bodies move. The yoga is an amazing tool for them to express themselves in new ways, some things can stay with them for the rest of their lives, a solid foundation to build from.

Of course they can bring friends, even for one time.

Time: 16:00-17:00

Price: 10 euro (5 euro for a single first class)





Here we are...announcing two beautiful meditation evenings. Each different in style and presentation. You're very welcome to join either one or both of them.

Since some time ... actually since ages, the benefits of a regular meditation practice have been clear. Whether it's the fact that it improves your mental and physical health, boosts your immune system, adds a spiritual layer to your existence, rejuvenates your mind and skin. Or that it reduces your stress level, and brings a sense of clarity to the daily chaos we can find ourselves in.

Whatever your motivation, fact is you will see the difference in your life for sure


Friday the 11th of November - A Vipasana Meditation Sharing by Kieran Wych

On this night Kieran, who's coming from Australia is gonna share with us his personal experiences with this meditation technique, ready to answer any of our questions. While guiding us through a 5-minute simplified technique at the beginning and end.

We start this evening with just a few sun salutations and a yin yoga pose so that your body and mind may settle a little easier, guided by Joyce.

Time: 19:00-20:30 (plus time for tea and more sharing after)

Price: 10-20 euro donation (there will be a little box for this)


Friday the 18th of November - Yoga Nidra - a guided meditation by Joyce

In Yoga Nidra we learn how to relax consciously.

It's an opportunity to experience how it feels to relax not just on a physical level, but also on a mental and emotional level. This is something that rarely happens spontaneously, but it does sow a seed to return to this place with more ease. Now that we know it, and start to become more familiar with it, we can shift to a feeling of more ease in our lives.

The voice of our intuition becomes stronger, we start to trust more in ourselves and in life itself. Slowly slowly leaving the tracks of stress behind us.

You will be guided while relaxing in a resting pose on your back, supported by bolsters and blankets. Bringing anything that makes you feel at home, warm and comfortable.

This practice can be transformational where it comes to elevating and integrating the subconscious into our daily awareness. When this starts to happen you'll know it, feeling lighter and more free, more joyous. Go for it !!

Time: 19:00-21:00 (plus time for tea and more sharing after)

Price: 30 euro


To register for either of these evenings send a message to: info@pilarstudio.nl or 062 467 4824

Looking forward to seeing you,

Kieran and Joyce



The coming two months of September and October are all about deepening our understanding of ourselves. We are in a beautiful time of change. Change implies choice. To either resist or move with the inner and outer forces that are inviting us to evolve.

One key aspect is understanding our hormonal system. If you're interested in this, then come to the workshop where you'll learn a yoga series for hormonal balance, and receive vital information on our hormones and the glands that produce them, their connection to our well-being. How we feel physically but also how they influence our emotions and our spiritual evolution.

The second tool is a 2 week course: Yoga and Astrology. If you're interested in understanding yourself more, and consciously making choices that empower you. Knowing your strength and limitations. Understanding the nature and needs of your spirit/soul. Learning how to connect to daily challenges, and the value of sharing our experiences. Then this is for you. We'll explore through the yoga poses, relaxation, breathing, and through the archetypes from the evolutionary astrology (!!), with an intuitive chart reading by me.


Workshop: A Yoga Series for Hormonal Balance

Friday Evening 14 Oktober 2016 - 19:00 to 21:00

Cost: 35 euro.

To register or ask questions: info@pilarstudio.nl or 06 2467 4824


2-week course: Yoga & Astrology

Sunday Mornings 18 & 25 September 2016

Time: 10:00 - 12:00/12:30

Cost: 70 euro

To register or ask questions: info@pilarstudio.nl or 06 2467 4824


En natuurlijk geef ik ook in het Nederlands les daar waar nodig of mogelijk :-)

For all of you interested in astrology: http://raisingvibrationsastrology.com




This month is for vision, dreaming and reflection of A NEW YOU, there is a refreshing positive spark that helps in this -yes huge- ending. Include self-worth into your dreams, and compassion into the shedding of some dead weight (yes, chances are you are carrying some heavy sticky stuff around, not to worry though, you're perfectly aligned and ready to shed it all!)

So honor who you were, as you choose who you are now becoming, who you are with more authenticity, more breath, more feeling. We -this world- need you (!!), and we need you as real as you can be.

To help you in this process, here's three practices by Gabrielle Bernstein:
Practice a daily affirmation: "I am committed to a life of meaning", or "I am committed to the new me", or any positive statement that makes you FEEL this intention.

Practice a daily small action that makes you FEEL you're stepping into the new, into the light.

Practice sitting in a creative visualisation meditation that allows you to FEEL the new...

Remember to breathe into all the emotions that may come. And to let your diaphragm move with every in- and exhalation :-)

Enjoy this NEW and FRESH beginning


Pilar News March 2016 - YOGA KIDS

Deze maand start Pilar Studio met yoga les voor kinderen

de les is iedere vrijdagmiddag met Leonardo
Leeftijd: 4-8 jaar

Dag: vrijdag
Tijdstip: 16:00 - 17:00

Proefles: 5 euro
Vanaf woensdag 2 maart beginnen de vaste lessen, ook dan is het nog mogelijk 1 proefles mee te doen wanneer je voor het eerst komt.
We werken met een 8-rittenkaart voor het volgen van de wekelijkse yoga les.
Kaart voor 8 lessen: 80 euro
In de lessen worden kinderen spelenderwijs bewust van hun lichaam, soms aan de hand van een (bijv indianen)verhaal, soms door kleuren en geuren, en het uitbeelden van bomen of dieren. Ga je mee op reis?
De les van 13:00-14:00 uur is met name geschikt voor kinderen van 3-6 jaar,
de les van 14:30-15:30 voor kids van 7 jaar en ouder.
Aanmelden kan per mail: info@pilarstudio.nl
of per Mobiel: 062 467 4824
Info: www.pilarstudio.nl
We kijken er naar uit je te ontmoeten,
en dan laat ik graag Leonardo aan het woord:
"Hi, de naam die mijn ouders mij lang geleden hebben gegeven, is Leonardo Velasco en ben geboren in Colombia.
Ik ben trotse vader van een 12 jarige jongen genaamd Senna, waar ik elke dag van geniet en veel van leer. Ik geloof dat wij (volwassenen) veel van kinderen kunnen leren en dat juist zij ons mee kunnen nemen naar een mooiere vredevolle wereld. Het aller belangrijkst vind ik wel om eerst de kids bewust te maken van hun mooie innerlijke wereld zodat zij een mooie uiterlijke wereld voor zichzelf en anderen kunnen realiseren.
Ik ben ik, jij bent jij, iedereen is perfect op zijn of haar eigen manier!
Één van de redenen waarom ik in 2009 Toegepaste psychologie ben gaan studeren is om kids en jongeren te helpen zichzelf beter te begrijpen.
Sinds 2014 ben ik zelf begonnen met het volgen van yoga die mij in korte tijd al op verschillende vlakken veel positiefs heeft gebracht.
Vanuit hier werd voor mij nog duidelijker dat ik al dit moois wil doorgeven aan de kinderen en dat ik wil ondersteunen daar waar ik kan.
In september 2015 ben ik dan ook gestart met de kinderyoga docentenopleiding bij Fiore Osmose Yoga, om kinderen te begeleiden in hun spirituele, mentale, fysieke en emotionele zoektocht en deze gezamenlijk in balans te brengen.
Hun balans kan dan bijdragen aan hun weerbaarheid en mooie positieve keuzes in hun leven.
Na een aantal stages en tieneryoga lessen ben ik klaar om samen met de kleine kids op yoga reis te gaan."
If there is any interest for YOGA KIDS classes in English please let us know!!


Pilar News January 2016


One of the strongest messages this trip was:


Or like Russell Brand says it:

"Get yourself into alignment and you beam like the sun."

Russell Brand - Awakened Man:


Speaking about alignment...

For all of you practicing yoga,

please watch the following two videos on knee and on shoulder injuries,

and deepen the understanding of your own body

Preview YouTube video Yoga and Knee Pain/Injury/Relief ExercisesYoga and
Knee Pain/Injury/Relief Exercises

Preview YouTube
video Yoga and Shoulder Pain/Injury/TreatmentYoga and Shoulder

all of you a SHINING weekend,

and go check out this Desert Ashram place where miracles still happen!!


Much love, Joyce


is almost here,

A magical time of peace and wonder.
Most of us know the teaching from Ghandi:
"Be the change you wish to see in the world."

Another less known is about saying no to violence, for even when it appears to do good, this good is an illusion
(delusion), the negative effects it causes are long lasting:

"I object to violence because even when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary,
the evil it does is permanent." Ghandi
Let's believe in peace, let's live it,
within ourselves,
And within this world,
We are truly one family, it's really
not that difficult,
It's a choice

Wishing you a Merry Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !! 


Relaxation is one way to transformation and healing,
and that's what this letter is all about,
as we're moving into the stillness of winter time and space,
a time of light within the dark


When I was in India in 2013 Louise Ellis -my Ashtanga teacher there- taught us Yin and Yoga Nidra. Inspired as I was by the Yin practice I started teaching it as soon as I got back. It has taken me longer to understand the value of the Yoga Nidra therapy. 

Resting in Savasana, being guided into a deep state of relaxation, our consciousness is able to move freely. Through this process there is a release of tension on all levels, literally creating more space…and not just in our body, but in our mind too. Just like a fresh walk along the beach can leave us more open and loving

If you'd like to experience this Yoga Nidra thing...
Another thing I'd like to share here is inspired by Lucy (thanks!!) 
It's called Headspace and it's a perfect tool for those who want to meditate but don't quite know where to start, or how to fit it into their daily routine.

There I was, sitting down for this daily 10-minute guided meditation….and….
I'm amazed and happy for this sharing that's taking place in and after classes



That's it for now ;)


Pilar News - October 2015 - The world is my home


"Woke up on a mystical morning 

I went for a run along the whispering waves of the ocean shore 

Not a care in my mind 

And realising how through my whole life 

I’ve been searching the valleys and hills 

For the footprints of the antelope 

Always needed a sign 


And through falling back 

Into the dark tunnels of hatred and pain 

True love has been regained 


And turning back on that mystical morning 

All along the golden sand 

I saw the footprints of an antelope 

And these footprints were mine 

And right there on that beautiful moment 

I knew the world is my home,

the world is my home,

the world is my home 

And it keeps me alive"




Yael visited Klil, Israel, thank you Yael for everything!

Klil is an ecological village where I've been for most of September. Which by the way was as beautiful as it was challenging. 

I would like to thank all teachers for stepping in, without you I couldn't do these kind of things, thank you so much for teaching and caring!!

It's been a transformational experience, and I could talk for hours here, yet if you'd like to know a little more you're very welcome to join one or both of the following workshops where I share some of this as far as it relates to the evenings practice.

 One thing I'd like to share here is the practice of setting an intention, or asking for clarity. Before going on this trip I had a dream that showed me it's time for me to see the bigger picture. On the phone with my mom just 10 minutes before boarding I see this huge bird, really huge, as a reminder. Then, before taking off the purser of the flight welcomes us on board of the 'Buizerd'. Never before have I heard anyone mention the name of a plane... Well, the theme kept coming back, sometimes in asking me to let go of certain ideas I have, fears, expectations. It could be anything really, and it all opened me up to a bigger perspective....!! Literally being with myself in this world....willing to feel lonely, really lonely. To be able to experience this is just an idea too


On Friday evening Oct 16th & 30th

Yin, Breathing and a short meditation

Basically an evening to connect more deeply with yourself

By direct experience of your own beauty and presence.

Time: 19:00-20:30/21:00

Cost: 25 euro

Register: info@pilarstudio.nl


Leaving you with some Dutch inspiration on the art of meditation and living in the heart by Hira. And I LOVE (!!) Lilou who's doing the interview!! 


 Much love, Joyce

On a walk to Yanuch


A Pilar Story - September 2015

I have a dream

For eternity, you and me,
In exploration, devastation, intimation,
Knowing, laughing, running, dancing,
One holding the other, holding the one,
Embracing, merging, stillness,
Into all pervading peace,

I don't know how Jannecke from Wisdom From North does it, but she keeps finding these really special people. It can take some time to understand where this wise soul is coming from, but if you can, watch all of it....

Also the 2nd part of this video, the insight he describes there, how life is a living changing being, and when we say this is this, and that is that, in the defining we are limiting life....!!
It suddenly hit me when he described his experience looking in the eyes of the giraffe....


There are moments when you see a bright future,
And you know your heart is smiling,

I have to share this one with you. Would you believe in a place of healing,
Here in the centre of Europe, perfectly designed by an ancient civilisation....

See for yourself, here are the Bosnian pyramids, a true story, a possibly true future (close to Tesla's birthplace ;).

Ps. This man makes my heart smile, can you imagine a world with such openness, honesty, humility, and connection. Couldn't he be your uncle sitting next to you at a Christmas dinner sharing a part of his life with you...


So much love, Joyce

Pilar News - June 2015

I'm so excited to be sharing some of the stuff that I've been working with lately. As some of you may have noticed in class is that we practice connecting to the heart space, and with that to the love and light that we are quite a lot. And also staying with the feelings and sensations in the body, and breathing this deep slow and relaxed breath. Being present, in an open and relaxed way. All of which relates to the following two topics which I hope you'll enjoy :))

The Psoas Muscle

One thing I'd like to mention is the Psoas muscle, also known as 'the seat of the soul' or 'the still point of the turning world'. It is a muscle that connects the legs to the torso, and runs from our thighs to five vertebrae of our lower back. For most of us it's been tense and stressed for most of our lives, possibly causing anxiety, knee and lower back pain, digestive problems and a stressed and disconnected feeling in general. The good news is that through a regular yoga practice (especially but not solely through a yin yoga (stretching) practice we're able to release the stress and come back into stability and relaxation both physically as well as mentally and emotionally.

Here you can find a longer article explaining all of this in more detail. And another one in Dutch as well ;)



A Spiritual Practice

For some the physical practice is a spiritual practice too, and for others not. I guess if you fall in the latter you can simply ignore this part of the email and continue enjoying the physical practice which is beautiful in and of itself !!
But if you feel a desire to explore that which is not physical, or mental -yet can be accessed through either or both of these- then I'd suggest you continue reading ;)
As can be seen on the homepage (www.pilarstudio.nl), I've been drawn to the teachings of Teal Swan lately. One of her teachings applies very much to how we can approach our physical practice.

For the sake of understanding the different steps Teal has divided them in Spirituality 101, 2.0 and 3.0 as explained here:


The Practice 101 (Yoga and/or Pilates) is when we come to the practice to 'get rid off' something, like pain, stiffness, stress, etc. And in doing this we experience the joy in doing something that is good for us. Much like stepping into the light and discovering the beauty and wonder of our bodies and minds. Exploring our strength, flexibility, ease of movement and our improved state of health. And we feel really good !!

The Practice 2.0 is when we meet resistance.... And this is where we loose some of our initial joy. Yet it is here where real and lasting change occurs!!
This is the place where we feel we simply do not have enough strength or endurance in the demanding dynamic practices. Or we simply don't wanna be in the stillness of the yin or quieter places of the practice. Where we either go into full resistance or forcing ourselves when instead we could allow ourselves to be with these feelings and thoughts and breathe with and through them. Giving space to what is here. Being present to what is happening. And this can be done in both movement and stillness.
And in the allowing and being present we are naturally taken to a place beyond resistance or pushing. And this is where we step into the practice 3.0

The Practice 3.0 is where we come back to that initial joy, only now it has deepened and expanded beyond our conception. Where we just seem to flow through the practice, almost effortlessly. Where time no longer seems to exist and we find ourselves energised in a very complete and unified way. Or...really any other sensation or feeling as there's no limits here

That's it for now